Thursday, July 08, 2010

holy volney rodgers! there's a lot going on this weekend

this is a HUGE weekend of stuff going on.

Multiple events across multiple locations. A sequence of days where one just leaves the house and you hop from event to event getting home a few days later.

- kickoff of St. Nicholas' Greek Fest downtown (till Sunday)
- Polish Happy Hour

- Party on the River, Kravitz Deli/Rust Belt Brewing Co. at the B&O (live music)
- Slovenefest XXIX, in SNPJ (all weekend)
- Electra the play at the Rust Belt Theater Company (and Saturday)


- Smoky Hollow Fun Run/Walk (Harrison Commons)
- first Northside Farmers Market of the season (Wick Park)
- Youngstown Jazz Festival, downtown
- YSU Summer Festival of the Arts, on campus

- public bike run 10-25 miles thru Mill Creek Park
- downtown closed course bike races, Tour of the Valley
- YSU Summer Festival of the Arts, on campus

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susie said...

I'm still recovering and I didn't get to the half of it! :-)