Thursday, July 22, 2010

metro monthly produces Paramount Theater video with inside picts - but a question . . .

Kudos to Ron F. over at Metro Monthly for arranging some gorgeous shots of the Paramount Theater into this short video.

The Theater made news this morning as city council agreed to purchase the structure for $80,000.

Note the interior pictures are from 2007, more than three years ago. The interior now in 2010 is much much much worse.

- - -

However, the current state of the Paramount Theater is directly attributable to not protecting the interior of the building from the environment.

By not repairing a hole in the roof years ago, rain and snow and wind penetrate the building and just destroys it.

At that point, there's not much left to do other than look around and say "well, there's nothing salvageable in that building" or "that will cost way too much to rehab now".

Just like many problems, if you don't take the small steps early on, they grow into large headaches into the future.

- - -

So here is the question:

What other buildings in our region/city are at risk because the small things aren't being done to protect their interiors?


Anonymous said...

The Stambaugh Building is in terrible shape. Pipes have burst; the windows have fallen out; and the foundation is structurally unsound. My guess is that building will becoming down in a few years.

J.R. said...

Some of these are just guesses, but downtown we have: the Kress Building, the Wells Building, possibly the Stambaugh Building. (we all know its windows are now stable, but what about its roof?) There are probably others, but I'm most familiar with W. Federal.

Outside of downtown, I wonder about the Isaly's Dairy (U-Haul) Building, and the Ward Bakery Building.

Then, of course, there are innumerable beautiful homes throughout the city, but especially on the north side. :(

Defend Youngstown said...

Stambaugh & Kress in downtown. Covington House, Illinois Manor and Park Ave. Towers in Wick Park.