Friday, August 20, 2010

Materials Science PhD announced today by YSU

"a new era"

big news today downtown:
YSU will soon be offering research-based PhDs in Materials Science

from a planning document found at the website of the Ohio Board of Regents:

"Approximately 23 faculty, staff and researchers associated with the YSU Center of Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering will contribute to the proposed Ph.D. program. The expertise of YSU’s current faculty covers the four main components of materials science and engineering, i.e., structure, processing, properties and performance/application. YSU is in the process of hiring four new faculty members in strategic areas to support the proposed program.

The research facilities are adequate for the proposed degree. The faculty has demonstrated its ability to attract external funding to support doctoral students, and the School of Graduate Studies and Research is well poised to provide basic grants-management services for the university."

additionally from a consultant:

"In the proposal for the new degree, YSU has carefully considered how the new degree will distinguish itself from and complement the other materials-related programs in Northeast Ohio.

YSU acknowledges the unique strengths of three research intensive universities with materials-related programs: Case Western Reserve University, The University of Akron and Kent State University.

Two distinguishing factors of the proposed YSU program are (1) a focus on industrial and manufacturing problems as opposed to more fundamental research and (2) a primary emphasis on hard materials (ceramics and metals) as opposed to polymers."

And from the Office of the Chancellor:

"The proposed program also builds upon a series of research milestones achieved by the university and the YSU College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics over the past several months, including the creation of the YSU Center for Transportation and Materials Engineering, the opening of the new YSU Center for Advanced Materials, the creation of the
Center for Efficiency in Sustainable Energy Systems, and record-setting levels of external research funding. "

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