Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Santisi's Foods - downtown youngstown's supermarket?

I've heard many say downtown really needs a good supermarket.

Well, after going to the walk-in space at Santisi's Wholesale Foods for the first time, I can say with confidence that downtown has a place that may fit a large portion of your weekly shopping needs.

Located over the red Mr. Peanut Bridge in the Mahoning Commons (across the street from the Calvin Center Idea Incubator), Santisi's offers a full deli, fresh vegetables, eggs, butter, frozen foods, pasta, sauces, homemade dried sausage, imported european goods, and a plethora of cheese options.

check out the photos:

Nutella and McCann's Irish Oatmeal!

Well, there's about half of my diet right there on one shelf.

I saw beet-pickled eggs, I saw pierogi, I saw mozzarella balls in liquid, I saw olive oils and balsamic vinegars and tomato sauces of all variety and sauces.

If this place had juice and bread, I really think I could do 100% of my grocery shopping there. I was quite surprised with the variety.

Please note northsiders and those working downtown, you do have additional options in life compared to shopping in the suburbs.

It's definitely sad the Union Plaza Sparkle recent closed, but at first glance Santisi's provides the options for you to not go to Wal-Mart for every one of your needs, and not go to the far, far away expensive Eagle which shall not be named.

Santisi's offers shoppers the chance to stop in for lunch, and walk away with a piece of homemade sausage, a wedge of cheese, and a drink - or for shoppers to support local businesses with their grocery needs.

Their signs say open till 6pm on the weekdays, till 2pm on Saturdays.

Remember to shop local, and keep the money in our community.


Shane Russo said...

I've considered going in there but never have. I'm a Personal Chef looking for a local fresh fish market. Know of any?

Janko said...

Catullo's Meats actually has a lot of good imported fish.

That's where I get my salmon.

elecpenciljim said...

I love Santisi's and you can get large items instead of going to the evil Sam's Club. I'd say check out Galaxy Seafoods on Belmont for fish.

Defend Youngstown said...

A great Friday after work combo is picking up some groceries from Santisi's, grabbing a fish dinner across the street at the Youngstown Maennerchor and then popping down to the B&O Boxcar Lounge for a Rust Belt beer. All of this can be accomplished within 2 blocks in the Mahoning Commons, just over the red bridge in downtown as Shout has identified.

Thanks for putting together this post, Shout. Let's continue to bring awareness / support the great local stores that we have in the city at present.

Lou said...

That place is great! I stop there everytime I'm in Youngstown to stock up on the insane cheap 5 pound bags of romano cheese..