Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Mayor Williams to call out the first game at Sunday's "veggie bingo"

If you do the math, there are approximately 5.52 * 10^26 possible combinations on a bingo card.

or to be more exact, there are
552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 possibilities.

How many times will there be the "first ever" Veggie Bingo in downtown youngstown?

Only 1.

- - -

our first Veggie Bingo will be held on this Sunday, August 8th from 5-8pm at the Lemon Grove.

Entry is $10 dollars, with proceeds going towards Grow Youngstown.

besides a CASH grand prize, winners of various rounds will receive:

"a dozen ears of sweet sweet corn, red wigglers for vermin-composting, a basket of produce from Red Basket Farm, a gift certificate to the North Side Farmers Market, and other bunches of delectable locally produced food."

Helping to host the event will be Martha Bayne, the Chicago-based Veggie Bingo founder, whose blog can be found here.

A few stars will be in attendance, calling out numbers for Youngstown's first Garden Bingo. They include:
- Mayor Jay Williams, City of Yo
- Presley Gillespie, Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp.
- a rep from the Men’s Garden Club
- a rep from St. Pat’s Church
- a rep from Jubilee Gardens
- a rep from Idora Neighborhood Gardens
- a rep North Side Farmer’s Market,and more.

Speaking of stars, there are 10^22 to 10^24 stars in the universe.

That means that there are more combinations on a bingo card than there are stars in the universe.

and knowing is half the battle.

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