Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And then there was one

The Kickball League of Ohio's inagural season is coming to an end this Wednesday at Pemberton fields in Lansingville Heights. Over a hundred players on 7 teams have swarmed the fields over the last several weeks to compete for a chance to win the ultimate in kickball glory - The Coors Light Cup.

4 teams will enter the semi-finals at 6pm. 2 teams will make it to the final game at 7pm. Only 1 team will walk away a winner.

But while there can only be 1 winner, this all adult league has provided fun and entertainment for everyone involved...eeeexcept maybe the unidentified girl in this video:

Since the first games at the beginning of May, the Kickball League has risen in popularity and now has a dedicated following that will continue to make it grow season after season. If this type of hoopla is just the sort of thing that has been missing from your Wednesday nights, come out to the fields and cheer for your favorite team. Also, consider signing up for the fall season on the kickball website and be a part of the growth. The games start August 29 and will be played under the lights at Pemberton as the days get shorter.

(Oh, and by the way, the first 8 teams to register get a free $100 bar tab at one of the sponsor bars. So, what are you waiting for!)

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