Thursday, June 21, 2007

june 2007 youngstown YouTube recap

When uploading a YouTube clip a few days ago, I was able to see some other Youngstown videos that had been posted recently.

One was a music/photo compilation of The Human Beinz, under the banner of Youngstown's Rock and Roll History set to their cover of "Turn on Your Love Lights". (embedding not enabled, so you'll just have to click here to see it)

I remember going in this kid's house down on my street on day, walking in, and thinking "why the heck are all these gold records and rock posters from Japan wall-to-wall inside this tiny little house".

Well, the answer: it was the house of one of The Human Beinz.

Their most famous song is titled "Nobody But Me" and as soon as you hear it, you'll recognize it. Here is a clip from Kill Bill the movie with the song playing in the background.

Or to hear the full version, you might want to watch this cinematic experience: (For some reason, it reminds me of a Russ Meyer film)

And some other clips, an interview with local rapper 2Fly Keith Logan talking about how its done in the 330:

Here is an animated computer-generated ride on the Jack Rabbit from Idora Park. the music is a little creepy.

Or if you want to experience the real thing from a camcorder:

You can do the same for the Wildcat, another coaster that is now gone from the city's amusement park.

And finally, a cover shoot collection for ther latest Metro Monthly.

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