Tuesday, June 05, 2007

defrag brought us together

Last Friday we had the good fortune to be guests on the Louie Free Show. The recording was posted today in the archives and you can listen to the show here. About an hour into the mp3 we start talking, and the interview lasts 90 minutes.

Much thanks to those who took the time and effort to come to Youngstown and join us. The panelists on the recording are:

- Ken Warren, Lakewood Public Library and Lakewood Observer
- Sherry Linkon, YSU Center for Working Class Studies
- Hunter Morrison, YSU Center for Urban and Regional Studies
- Phil Kidd esq., Defend Youngstown

The discussion revolves around various topics including connecting people with technology, citizen journalism, why history matters, the unique sense of place in Youngstown, and channels to more forward.

This guy was outside the studio:

and picking out few words here and there...
- gypsy punk music
- catholic school beatings
- pickpocket poetics
- bedrock of democracy
- hyper-local dojo
- ambushing a priest
- extracting passionate people
- operation in chaos making
- jim traficant on phil donahue
- the politics of resentment
- "those people"
- the succession of the successful
- getting screwed; being militant
- the new competitive position
- 40 years in the desert
- antibalas afrobeat
- the generation of social capital
- every neighborhood gets a blog
- youngstown as experimental laboratory
- good news grounded in fact

Also here is the show from last week's show about Youngstown on Ideastream wcpn.

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