Wednesday, June 06, 2007

vegans and vegetarians of youngstown unite!

On sunday, had the opportunity to join the Vegetarians of the Greater Youngstown Area at their monthly pot-luck meal. Every item among the many many dishes there, from soups to lasagna to desserts, were all made with love and without meat.

It was held in the absolutely beautiful Slippery Rock Pavilion at our beloved Mill Creek Park, and saw some old friends and met some new ones.

Cabins and pavilions like Slippery Rock are available to rent throughout Mill Creek Park.

Here is a photo of my first run through the buffet line:

- - -

Interesting in coming one day? Even meat eaters who are looking for an alternative experience welcomed at the table.

for the next 9 months, all of the dates and places are set.

July 1st - Slippery Rock Pavilion
August 5th - Slippery Rock Pavilion
September 2nd - Slippery Rock Pavilion
October 7th - Birch Hill Cabin
November 4th - Birch Hill Cabin
December 2nd - Birch Hill Cabin
January 6th - Birch Hill Cabin
February 3rd - Birch Hill Cabin
March 2nd - Birch Hill Cabin

All meetings are the first Sunday of the month, and start at 4:00pm.

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