Thursday, July 19, 2007

jack's project of Paramount importance

On Friday, July 6th I was a passenger in a car heading down Federal Street.

Although I had never met Jack Carlton face-to-face, I knew it was him.

"quick, pull over," I said, "he putting up the new murals."

And so I was able to meet the artist who has been changing the face of Youngstown over the past few years with his "Museum Without Walls Project".

According to this vindicator report, Jack has installed 50 murals downtown since 2000.

You can see his work when relaxing in the garden at Cedars. Jack also reproduced our world famous "Snap the Whip" towering above pedestrians belowt. And for his latest project, Jack and his assistants placed 11 vinyl murals around the perimeter of the ol' Paramount Theater.

The pieces illustrate Youngstown's rich entertainment history, with collages of long gone venues like the opera house, of the first programs at the Warner Brothers (of Youngstown) theater, and of the acts that have graced downtown's stages throughout the years.

In a response to a request from "Towntalk" at the Mahoning Valley message boards this evening, here are some close-up photos of Jack's work.


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Alicia said...

I love that the art in Youngstown gives honor to the city's history while giving us something we can enjoy today.