Friday, July 27, 2007

youngstown and YBI featured on c-span sunday


I am looking for some audio of the Edwards' visit to the YBI. Does anyone have it?

Here is the closest thing I could find:

- - -

While sitting outside in Coventry with some Strickland's ice cream, with the smell of clove cigarettes all around us, we decided to head back to youngstown.

So at 1:44am, after a full day at the Ingenuity Fest in downtown cleveland, we were able to kick off our shoes and watch a little Futurama. But en route to the Cartoon Network, we came across c-span and there, live on tv, was the blue and purple walls of the confence room inside the Youngstown Business Incubator.

It was a replay of a show watched by people from all over the country earlier on Sunday, at that moment showing Youngstown's mayor speaking with presidential candidate Senator John Edwards.

John Edward's trip to Youngstown was featured on "The Road to the White House", a weekly show following presidential canditates throughout the country. This week's show featured his stops along the Cle-Yo-Pit corridor, when he was in the region earlier this week.

This evening, c-span put the two hour show online, when can be accessed here. The segment in the YBI begins around minute 39.

Here are some exerpts from Edwards' comments about youngstown after hearing a briefing from city leaders:

"You've figured out . . . you're not going to allow this place [youngstown] to disappear . . . you're doing this in a visionary way."

"I'm impressed by how you've reached out to the community . . . to bring communities into the effort."

Youngstown is "a very different stop than what we've had on this tour . . . a model of what can be done nationally"

- - -

and so, just like the features in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, npr, and USA Today, the follow-up articles began streaming in from all over the country.

For example from the regional press, an editorial published Sunday in Cleveland's Plain Dealer stated:

"So let's hope Edwards was listening when the go-getters at the Youngstown Business Incubator pleaded for a government that makes it easier for them to launch new ventures and to train workers of the future."

that's right. go-getters.

nice work, Team Youngstown.

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Mike Prelee said...

YBI is a great tool for Youngstown to be successful in expanding its economy. I hope that area businesses are taking note and seeing what sort of partnerships are available.