Wednesday, July 04, 2007

tool concert fills chevy centre, locksley downtown at Cedars on saturday

Has anyone noticed how the quality of music acts coming to downtown Youngstown has tremendously increased over the past few months?

Tool was here on Sunday, filling the arena with people from all over the tri-state area. Stevie Nicks last night. Locksley at Cedars on Saturday July 7th.

To share what the atmosphere was like inside the Chevy Center, here are some videos:

So Locksley from Brookyln is in town over the weekend.

Khaled Tabarra (from the Zou) and Koebel are both bands from Youngstown (who also have music in the Fine-Tune movie) who are opening for Locksley.

Haven't heard Locksley's sound?

Here are two videos, one from Jummy Kimmel:

And one of their "official" music videos that play on MtV and such...

word. see you this saturday downtown in The Yo.

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