Thursday, July 26, 2007

the lansingville parade and congressional appropriations

One of the south side's most historic areas is the Lansingville neighborhood. Inhabitated for the most part by families of Slovak decent, this neighborhood is still hanging in there, and every year has a parade and picnic to celebrate its existence and its future. This has been quite a busy summer, so while the event occured almost a month ago, here are pictures from that day.

The parade began from the parking lot of St. Matthias' Church, where the Slovak and Vatican flags still fly under the sun. The next few shots show the parade sneaking through the streets, ending at the Adams school where everyone had the chance to eat and relax next to the old stone fences surrounding the school.

So you'll have to turn your computer (or your head) to see this one properly, but here is a video of Mr. Peanut taking a stroll that afternoon:

speaking of peanuts,

went over to Tim Ryan's webpage today and discovered that $10.5 million dollars in R&D funding for the 17th District has made it through the House Appropriations Committee in the Defense Spending Bill and is now headed to the House floor, hopefully making it through conference, then both houses, and over to el Presidente for passage.

The amount includes:

  • $2 million - Center of Excellence in Industrial Metrology & 3D Imaging Research, Youngstown State

  • $1 million - R&D of Variable Transmittance Visors, Alpha Micron

  • $1 million - R&D for Alternative Energy Fuel Cell Generation, Kent State

  • $1 million - Advanced Reinforced Materials and New Materials Research for Aircraft Tires, Goodyear Tire

  • $1.5 million - R&D for or Secure Mobile MANET System

  • $1 million - R&D for Feeding Tube for Battlefield Trauma Patients, Syncro Medical Systems, Canfield/Youngstown

  • $3 million - R&D for Tactical Metal Fabrication Systems (TacFab), Ajax Tocco, Warren

- - -

that's a lot of peanuts.

nice work, Team Youngstown.

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