Tuesday, October 23, 2007

did someone say "more davis"?

photos from week three, and this project is rapidly progressing.

the multi-ton weights were removed from the elevator shaft with some amazing crane work from the business incubator parking lot. With some additional demolition work, light is now passing from floor to floor.

One of the stairways was removed as well.

The entrance to the commercial component of the building (ground floor) will be from Federal Street, and the entrance to the architectural offices (second floor) and residential (third floor) will be from Dutton's Alley.

Looking from the roof in one direction, one can see the former Pick Ohio Hotel, now residences filled with people.

And from the roof facing Federal Street, one can see the tops of the cathedral and the communications tower.

The demolition continues, with the roof to be replaced soon, and then more construction and building new components will begin.

stay tuned . . .

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Tyler said...

Thanks for keeping up with this project; great to be vicariously on the inside!