Thursday, October 25, 2007

oakland's stagefright, zou's rocky horror annual gig

This weekend will be a good one to get your friends out of their houses and away from those lame-ass bars on route 224. Time to experience some dtown ytown halloween traditions.

One packed place will be Cedars on Saturday, where the Zou will be performing their annual Rocky Horror show.

The past four years this show has been put on have definitely been good ones - and this year, the music begins at 10pm with Jones for Revival (great band live) followed by the Dead Beat Poets. Costume prizes will be passed out, yadda, yadda.

The Zou's first set will be sans Rocky Horror drag, so you can hear some of their more traditional songs, the lyrics of which are written on this betty's ribcage:

Then on Sunday at 7pm, the annual Stage Fright open-mic will take place at the Oakland. The last one, hosted by Miss Brooke was awesome, and there are still a slot or two available for bands, so go here for more information. There will be trick-er-treating and a fashion show this year, besides all the regular music bits, bellydancing, magic acts, and sketch comedy.

Rules of The Stage:

1. There is no crying at the Stage

2. You can do almost anything on stage as long as it's
a.) legal, and
b.) doesn't involve any flags

the other rules (3 thru 7) can be accessed here.

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