Saturday, October 06, 2007

fixin the bricks at the davis

The scaffolding is up!

If you've walked down Federal Street recently, you may have seen the scaffolding up in front of the Davis Building.

One of the first steps performed on the outside has been to remove the "modernized" top added a few decades ago, and to replicate the crown of the building constructed in 1899.

Here's a picture from outside the 3rd floor:

And the finished product from the side:

With the masonry artist looking down to the street level:

Being on top of the building allows one to look into other windows in adjacent buildings. What a cool picture.

Here is one of the circular windows from the top floor, with the terra cotta around the glass:

And the top of the ornate structures above the 2nd floor windows:

It looking good for the Davis!

Stop back soon for more updates.


Lou said...

Wow. Is the proposed Living space leased out yet? That's a cool view.

Jim said...

Progress is looking good for the Davis building. I bet it will be a gem when it's finished.