Wednesday, October 03, 2007

u mich city planning ideas now online

Over the summer, city planning graduate students from the University of Michigan came to Youngstown to participate in a design studio. For parts of three days, they met various stakeholders including university and business representatives, city government, and youngstown bloggers, among others.

Then they came back.

Four teams of students presented their ideas and concepts at the downtown convocation center, and recently these presentations have been put online.

You can access the content of the four presentations here. A warning though, the file is a 25 MB pdf because of all the pictures contained within.

Here is just a sample of their ideas, many of them easy to implement and some of them are complex in scale. I particularly liked the presentation that brought the water element into various parts of the downtown.

Please note: this project was a design studio for a university class. It is NOT final design ideas set in stone. Do not get angry if you do not like certain components, because they are at a very preliminary stage of planning and imagining.

However, if you like certain concepts of these plans, be loud about it. Share them with your neighbors and tell others what you think. Perhaps by being loud with your opinions, some of these ideas can become a reality.

And thanks to the students for coming to Youngstown and sharing your great ideas.

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Jim said...

What a great idea to have outsiders come into our city and breathe fresh ideas into our urbanscape. The water features, in particular, are interesting and artistic. Water features like fountains, ponds and festive sculptures are known to draw people due to their cooling ability (in the summer/fall) and their soothing sound.