Friday, February 15, 2008

1st look inside the new technology center

valued readers:

had the opportunity to make it inside the new Youngstown Technology Center this week. When construction is completed, the structure will connect to the Youngstown Business Incubator, and will be home for maturing companies that graduate from the YBI.

with both experienced and growing technology companies moving into downtown youngstown, this "managed cluster" of firms is growing into an even larger nexus for software development companies and their innovative partners, including the university just a few blocks up the hill.

let's peer inside . . .

shown above is the facade of the structure, as interior doors connect the Incubator to the Technology Center.

shown below is the view heading down federal street, as the Technology Center sits next to the Semple Building, also undergoing renovation currently for MORE tech companies. Then adjacent to the Semple is the landmark Home Savings and Loan.

Peering behind the blue tarp, we have the entrance to the building leading us to the inside.

Skylights running through the middle of the building will bring natural light to the lower floors.

And of course, miles and miles of cable will be spread throughout the building.

Here's a photo from the second floor with its yellow walls:

Each floor of the structure will have a kitchenette right in the middle for all of the floor's employees.

Here's a view from the back windows, looking out onto art deco home of the Youngstown Vindicator.

And finally, a view from the front windows looking out onto the multi-recital hall complex which houses the Youngstown Symphony, among other cultural organizations.

looks to be progressing nicely!

as the Tech Center finishes up in the next few weeks, more construction will shift to the Semple Building, to be followed by work on the beautiful Wells Building - the 4th structure of this cluster.

Youngstown is accelerating at a rapid pace - - jump on as we are moving forward.

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Christopher Barzak said...

Looking good. Thanks for the view.