Saturday, February 09, 2008

a new form of government transparency

this is a new way of doing things.

Fellow blogger and recently-hired Director of Downtown Events and Special Projects has put up a unique web site - an experiment in transparency and connectedness.

The site, 44503 Live, chronicles the meetings that take everyday regarding Downtown Youngstown development, and the projects that are moving forward -

- projects that will benefit the public and provide opportunities for the people of this community to join together.

Here's an example from yesterday, the 7th of February 2008:
  • Began work on formal bullet point presentation for Steelhounds GM Joe Gregory and WRTA’s Jim Ferraro regarding description of St. Pat’s event.

  • Wrote and submitted summary piece on operational plans for downtown (per request) for new magazine “Youngstown Connector”.

  • Met with represenatives from Youngstown Metro Church regarding design of the new downtown website.

  • Contacted the Mayor of Braddock, PA to set up meeting/deploy unit from Youngstown to examine their marketing strategy.

  • Created and launched 44503Live Blog journaling the work being done in the position of Director of Downtown Events and Special Projects.

  • Continued to upload event calendar.

  • Attended/participated in steering committee meeting for Youngstown "Grey to Green" event to take place this May (coordinator: Deb Weaver, Treez Please)

Is this a model for open government of the 21st century others can espouse?

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