Tuesday, February 05, 2008

this should be a good one

UPDATE: you can listen to the interview here

It a nutshell, the discussion details plans to improve the neighborhoods and engage the people in Youngstown and Warren which exist in a rapidly changing economy and environment.
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Lincoln Avenue is back for another season, since it kicked ass during sweeps.

For the upcoming show Wednesday at 7:30pm streaming at www.wysu.org:
"This week on Lincoln Avenue, I’m talking with the Wean Foundation’s still-fairly-new President, Joel Ratner, about the Foundation’s new directions, including a series of programs aimed at helping area non-profits work better and work together.

Starting with a community summit last fall and continuing with a very well-attended set of workshops on strategic planning in January, Wean is providing training, opportunities for networking, and grants to support capacity building, all aimed at helping organizations serve the local community better.

The other half of Wean’s new strategy is a focus on neighborhoods through small grants of $500 to $5000 to small local groups, especially neighborhood organizations that want to pursue concrete projects to improve their community. This project is still getting organized; the Foundation is establishing two community review boards, one for Youngstown and one for Warren, who will evaluate applications for these small grants.

This approach goes hand-in-hand with the neighborhood focus of Youngstown 2010, putting resources in the hands of ordinary people. It also works as another form of capacity building, helping people develop the skills and experience to become community leaders."
read more on how YOU can get YOUR IDEAS funded here.

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