Monday, February 04, 2008

the "grow youngstown" movement

UPDATE:local paper reports on this story filling in a few more bits of info.

a new webpage is up for Grow Youngstown, a non-profit dedicated to community supported agriculture for city residents:

Besides working with local farmers, Grow Youngstown is advancing its City Gardens Program. City Gardens is a community membership gardening program. Grow Youngstown secures land and provides initial financial support for any preparation the land may need. The garden members may organize themselves to grow collectively or have individual plots depending on what works best for their community.

Grow Youngstown puts farmers and members together and with administrative tools, such as bookkeeping, contracts, newsletters and organizational strategies.

The advantages of this type of cooperation are many:
  • Greater nutritional value: Food traveling shorter distances, reaches customers with higher nutritional content.

  • Supports the local economy: Money transferred stays within the local economy (doesn't go to Chicago (IGA) or Pittsburgh (Giant Eagle) creating direct and interdependent bonds between producers and consumers.)

  • Good price: Customers pay less than they would pay at the supermarket for the same organic produce and farmers get more than they would get at auction or through a distributor.

  • Variety: Customers get a variety of vegetables not always available at the local supermarket.

  • Sustainable: The food is grown sustainably, adhering to PASA or OEFFA guidelines, though not necessarily certified organic.

another great benefit to living in the city . . .

join the community of interconnected neighbors in Youngstown. feel the vibe.

Go to their website to become more involved, or to learn how to receive fresh produce.

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