Wednesday, August 27, 2008

grow home, youngstown

As the debate continues on the most successful policies to pursue entrepreneurs and human capital with ties to a geographic location, it seems a new initiative is afoot in Youngstown:

Grow Home

I stumbled upon the campaign over a weekend in the (nicely done, full-color, 60 page) YSU Magazine for the taking at Winslow's Cafe in the Butler Art Institute.

from the article:
"The Grow Home campaign is an effort to encourage successful YSU alumni to invest in their home community," said Rep. Ryan. "I can't tell you how often I run into people from Youngstown, now living in Miami, or Chicago, or Cleveland, who stop me and say, 'Yeah, I may live here, but Youngstown will always be my home.' This is an opportunity for those people to play an active role in our future economic success . . ."

A cooperative effort between Youngstown State University, U.S. Representative Ryan, and the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, the Grow Home initiative intends to link entrepreneurs with information about technical assistance and grant opportunities, available commercial and industrial properties, state and local tax credit and capacity-building programs, low-interest project financing, as well as providing tours and access to consulting support.

Without spilling the beans on everything, go here to read more information about the Grow Home initiative.

But the central message is clear:

you may have left the Mahoning Valley to pursue your career or education (and we hope you found success and happiness), but opportunities exist today in the Youngstown region for additional success - and people here will listen to your ideas and support you.

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Jim Russell said...

I have spent the last two years learning about this type of initiative. Grow Home puts together in a neat package many of what I would call best practices.

People who leave a region tend to be less risk averse. And it takes many of the same entrepreneurial qualities to move back.

I would like to know how the Grow Home idea developed.