Monday, August 04, 2008

meet you at The Palm

I just got punk'd by Metro Monthly.

I ate lunch at The Palm Cafe on Steel Street this Saturday, my third time in four weekends.

You see, I needed to get one more photo of some slow-roasted ham for this week's post of one of Youngstown's best hidden restaurants.

And this morning, I found this absolutely wonderful video of a trip to The Palm Cafe and a conversation with the Dubic family:

nice work, Metro Monthy.

Such is the fast and furious lifestyle of Youngstown online storytelling and blogging.

Another case in point, just days after my recent story about the Japanese Youngstown 2010 references and ohio meaning "good morning" in Japanese, Sunday's edition of the Youngstown Vindicator featured a similar opinion piece with the exact same topic.

Amazing coincidence, that's all. Many of you emailed me complaining how the local paper stole the idea, but I doubt that is the case.

- - -

anyway, here is the stock footage of my past few weekends at The Palm.

from the outside along Steel Street on the west side of the city:

the spread of vegetables and bread:

the chickens come out from the smoke house:

a video of cutting through the chickens:

then the lamb and hams come out:

slicing through the lamb like butter:

on one plate, chicken with genesee on draft.

on the other, lamb with labatt's blue on draft.

the whole Palm saturday experience is a wonderful ritual I member as a grade schooler from when I used to come here with my grandpa.

The place slowly fills with people in the morning, taking numbers, and then is packed at about 12:15pm when the first chickens come out. Chickens are sold by the bird or half a bird, and later the lamb and ham comes out - to be purchased by the pound.

good taste. good people.

that's The Palm.

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