Friday, August 01, 2008

youngstown, Ohayo gozaimasu

I remember preparing for my first trip to Japan.

I put in the language CD, and pressed play.

"Today, you are going to learn Japanese." (in english)

"First phrase: Good Morning!"

" o - hi - o "

"Ohio," I said.

Wow, I thought, what an easy language to learn. Especially since their common, everyday phrases are named after the states I have lived in.

- - -

On that note, more international coverage of Youngstown and its planning efforts.

A story from the Nihon Keizai Shimbun this month (a.k.a. Nikkei), Japan’s leading daily business-oriented newspaper, can be found here.

And from our friends in Indonesia, another story.

This complements other international stories, from Italy and Sweden, from France and Finland, and from Germany and the Nederlands.

the schonere, kleinere, groenere youngstown

- - -

note: the second phrase on the Japanese language tape was not as easy.

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