Wednesday, July 30, 2008

do more . . . be more

Stories are all throughout the local media this week about a new effort led by the Youngstown ice cream favorite Handel's (as featured in the Fine-Tune movie).

The Youngstown Diaspora can connect to Handel's through its 24 locations in Ohio, 4 locations in Pennsylvania, 2 locations in Indiana, 2 locations in Virginia, and 1 location in California.

A new local foundation has been set up, Youngstown's All Heart, to support those in need in the Mahoning Valley - starting with efforts to assist Joe Kaluza, who is now paralyzed from the neck down after a staged robbery.

from an article in the Youngstown Vindicator:
“Handel’s is a Youngstown institution, so I said, ‘We have to help,’” said Fisher, who decided to make Kaluza the first benefactor of efforts by the foundation.

A new flavor of ice cream, appropriately called “Youngstown’s All Heart,” will be available Friday at all local Handel’s locations.

Youngstown’s All Heart is vanilla ice cream with raspberry ripple and raspberry-filled chocolate hearts.

A portion of every purchase of a pint or a quart of any flavor of ice cream will go toward Kaluza’s medical bills.

The Youngstown’s All Heart foundation is also funded by the sale of red message bracelets for $2. They are inscribed: “Do more ... be more.”

“This isn’t just about Joe, it’s about everyone in Youngstown,” said Fisher.


Jem said...

will it be available is Columbus?

Lucy said...

Off and on, I've wondered about Kaluza over the recent months. There are many locally-owned businesses of which we can be proud, but Handel's is a stand out.

And I'll add that Handel's gift certificates (Moo money) and single scoop cone coins are great gifts. My girls love them.

Jem said...

I called the Columbus Handel's in hope that they might carry it. The manager just scoffed. :(