Wednesday, July 23, 2008

youngstown gets fine-tuned

The canvas that is the city of Youngstown continues to be altered by a new generation of artists.

And one of these artists, filmmaker and director Chris Rutushin, will be unveiling his latest effort in downtown Youngstown this Saturday: the world premiere of Fine-Tune the movie.

Chris left Youngstown to attend school at Ohio University, and got his start at NBC's Today Show. Working in the news business, he eventually left New York and made it over to Las Vegas where he earned an Emmy for his work in photojournalism and videography.

But Chris has since returned to Youngstown, and is currently a resident of downtown.

From a story at
"he began filming the movie in July 2005 and most of it was shot at a house near Lanterman’s Mill on Canfield Road. Scenes of the movie were also filmed at the original Handel’s, The Royal Oaks, Oak Hill Cemetery and Mill Creek Park, he said.

“I’m very happy to shoot a film in my hometown,” he said. “You can’t recreate Youngstown. There’s a certain way people are and there’s a certain look to the buildings... I like the realness of this town.”
One of the trailers for the film can be see here:

with a music video shot in downtown and at The Oaks here:

The movie is set in 1970s Youngstown, as a young couple moves back into the city from afar after a death in the family.

It's amazing . . . even in the 70s, people got their pictures taken at the Fellows Riverside Gardens:

even the cookie table (more here and here) has a 70s-esque style to it:

After the 7 pm private showing at the DeYor Center downtown, there will be a post-party open to the public at Cedars Lounge on Hazel Street.

Another one of Chris' recent projects was a stunning video shot around town for the singer Matt Palka.

very cool.

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