Thursday, July 17, 2008

it's time for the annual baby doll dance

The eastern city limits of Youngstown are about 2 miles from the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

But just before the Mahoning River flows into the Keystone State, the valley narrows dramatically at the village of Lowellville Ohio, a community of about 1,300 residents.

And thanks to the people of Lowellville, the Youngstown region celebrates one of it's most unique traditions:

the annual baby doll dance

Held at 11pm [note: I've seen 10:30pm on another site] on wednesday, thursday and friday of this week, the band plays music and the figure inside the costume dances around - but with fireworks attached to the outfit. (photos courtesy of this flickr account)

The baby doll dance is the culmination of the festivities already filled with good food and music, held just south of Carcheddi's and the river at the Mount Carmel Hall. (over the green bridge and just before you head up the uber-steep hill towards Poland)

At 11pm on Saturday is a fireworks show by Zambelli which is just an awesome experience cause the narrow valley makes it kinda like an echo chamber.

Italian music is playing Web to Saturday from 9pm to 11pm, along with a Mora Tournament, a Bocce Tournament, and wine tasting.

Here is the only video of the Baby Doll Dance I could find, this one from Aliquippa, PA.

another great local tradition.


Lucy said...

The photos are great, and I'm glad you posted them. My curiosity has been piqued since your description (and little re-enactment) on Sunday.

Rebecca Bartos said...

I have Lived in Loweville most of my life....the babydoll dance is something we all look forward to every have to see it to believe it....young or old the enjoyment never stops....Italian or non Italian...its a must see!!!

Rebecca Bartos said...

I grew up and still live in Lowellville Ohio....the festivities of the week of the 16th of July is something we all looked forward to young or old..Italian or non Italian...the babydoll dance is something that is special to us all... from being scared when we were the joy and pride as got older...its a must see for all its something u will never forget!!!!