Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this city is percolating

two recent blogs at the valley24 site got me thinking the energy in this town is rising, and the subtle signs of "la fenice d'acciaio" is getting stronger:

Karen writes about the spontaneous tuesday concert and great turnout on her north side front porch concluding with the Chicago musician Lord of the Yum Yum. (video included)
"We had them start out in the living room to "contain" the noise as to not "disturb" the entire northside of Youngstown. The crowd gathered outside to mingle in the much roomier yardspace. Dozens of six packs arrived in the hands of old friends, curious neighbors and various Ytown band folk (of Posture Coach and Gil Mantera that I saw) all came to witness this wondrously strange combination of porch and performance."
Rob responds to an email from someone considering a move to the Valley"
"I like to think of this area as a blank slate. A frontier. Some amazing things are going on to revitalize the downtown area and I know many members of the LGBT community who are front and center. We could certainly use your help if you are up for it. It is a very exciting time."

"After college, most of my friends moved to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to join the thousands and thousands of big city performing artists competing for work. I made the choice to stay home and create my own opportunities...and I have never regretted that decision."
also, 360 people showed up for last night's outdoor free viewing of King Kong downtown.

free movies at 9pm every monday for several weeks.
more details at the website.

let's break the 500 person mark next monday.

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