Friday, July 18, 2008

braddock's unsmoke systems

Our friends and cohorts in Braddock PA are launching a new arts and cultural venue this saturday, July 19th.

The urban frontier. Exciting stuff.
Check it out.


Our liminal brethren's (thanks jim) event along the Monongahela is free and open to the public.

6:30pm-7:30pm / screening of movie
8:00pm-10:00pm / exhibition opening
10:00pm onward / afterparty with live music and DJs

why Out of This Furnace?

it was required reading for me in school, this novel set in Braddock.


John Morris said...

This building was an old catholic school and now houses art studios. It's much nicer than the previous rental building. Part of space had exhibits and instalations and also the artists had their studios open.

Some of my favorite works were in the studio's of Chris Kardambikis and Josh Tonies and there was also an amazing instalation by Carly Jean Parrish.

The plce is right across from the Edgar Thompson mill

Anonymous said...

Great info, thanks!

John Morris said...

Here's my post on my visit.

No shot of the mill right across the way at work, Carnegie's first mill.

Braddock is a strange sad story. I'm not too sure there's enough left of the place to save. Many of the beautifull building facades that were up a few years ago on the main drag had to be torn down. They were too far gone.

If all those places, were still standing in any kind of usable shape, I think the place would come back in a flash. The Mayor and deputy mayor have a sound vision and lots of creative people would have loved the place.

Down the block, I heard some furniture makers moved in from Portland, Oregon and the famous street artist, Swoon bought a church in North Braddock with her art collective.