Friday, July 25, 2008

more on morra, and much more downtown

I received a question via email about the word morra, which has appeared in two posts over the past two weeks.

"morra" is a word in the italian language referring to a game played throughout europe - where opponents suddenly choose reveal a certain number of fingers, and depending on the combination of the total fingers cast and calling out, points/wins are awarded.

In France, the game is known as la mourre.

In China, it's name is hua quan.

Explanation and examples in Spanish here.

so while it may be a little difficult to describe, perhaps the best option is to see the game in action:

You'll be able to see more morra downtown this weekend at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church festival, running Thursday though Sunday. Expect somewhere around 12,000 people to be there, if last year's estimates hold true this year.

There will be a parade on Sunday, a morra tournament, and more can be found here. Free parking in several lots downtown and shuttles will be transporting people back and forth.

other winners downtown this weekend:
  • Friday's Cafe Cimmento Wine/Jazz/Street Festival on E. Boardman Street

  • Saturday's Farmers Market at the east side of Wick Park

  • Saturday's Youngstown Rocks the Arts festival from 3pm to 11pm. (now with open-air tatoos and bbq from The Oaks) more info on the day's events here.

  • Saturday's two outdoor versions of The Stage

  • Saturday's afl2 match against Green Bay at the Chevy Center

  • live music at at least seven bars downtown


Tyler said...

I'm afraid I still don't get it.

Tyler said...

I mean, you know, I get the basic concept, but I couldn't tell who was winning in the video and how the flow was supposed to work.