Thursday, July 24, 2008

the return of the baby doll dance

In 1929, the Mount Carmel Band in Lowellville performed for the first time.

In 2008, about 80 years after its start, the band performed at the most recent celebration of the Baby Doll Dance over the weekend.

And now, 80 years later, one of the original members of the 1929 band (now in his 90s) is still playing with today's band.


here, in all its wonder, in one of the greatest of the Youngstown region's traditions, the Baby Doll Dance in Lowellville:

Hundreds and hundreds of people gather around the dancing figure, with the Mt. Carmel Band playing on the elevated platform.

The fireworks are attached to the arms of the woman, and as they go off - one by one - it represents the cleansing of the body.

And at the end, more fireworks shoot from the head up into the sky.

peering around the rest of the Mount Carmel Festival . . .

a vigil with candels:

fresh squeezed lemonade and an errant finger by sissy:

a classic DiRusso's sausage with pepperocini:

the train crossing:

the band:

the stands at the bocce matches:

a nice roll:

this post is getting long so i'll cut out my videos of the games, the rides, the gambling, the fireworks, and the morra.

see you next year.

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Andrew Macurak said...

They do this in my hometown of Aliquippa, PA too for the annual San Rocco Festa.
San Rocco is patron saint of Patrica, Italy - where a lot of the folks in Youngstown and in Aliquippa come from. (There's a pretty strong historical link between Y-town and Quip and, personally, my family straddles both areas.)