Sunday, March 15, 2009

connecting the diaspora with music

I tuned into blacksquirrelradio on Friday to listen to The Zou live in Kent and at the *exact* moment the streaming live video kicked on, the lead singer sang the the words:

"god I'd never thought I'd feel so good to be alive . . . in Youngstown"

sitting in a chair area codes away, it brought a small smile to my face.

even when your van breaks down in Camelsburg, Kentucky,

shared music can tie a place together.

Like 60,000 in a football stadium singing "Country Roads". Or at an Ohio wedding singing "Hang on Sloopy". Or the folks in Tennessee singing "Rocky Top" at the the top of their lungs.

it circles the globe:

here's another great example, with the Pittsburgh Diaspora singing "Won't You Be My Neighbor": (remember to wear your sweaters on March 20th)

so what's an anthem for Youngstown?

when one does a search in YouTube for "Youngstown", most of first links are to Bruce Springsteen performances.

Or consider how another local band feels in their song,
F**k you, Bruce Springsteen
"Here in Youngstown, here in Youngstown.
Well f**k you, Bruce Springsteen, we ain't sinking down,
we're just living here in Youngstown.
We will make it ourselves,
we will make this town great,
yeah yeah, Youngstown is
our home."
so as more bands from Youngstown go on to do things like win the best show award at SXSW, what was only a local music scene now extends and radiates outward, due to the talents of the performers.

btw, if you are interested in leaving Chattanooga, Valdosta, Athens [ga], or Tampa, the Zou might have space in their van since they'll be there in a few days.

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DearViolet said...

I'm curious as to which local band sings a song called "Fuck You, Bruce Springsteen"? Also curious as to why?