Monday, March 16, 2009

omg, one TON of corned beef

yes, you heard me right.

Kravitz Deli is attempting to sell 2,000 lbs of corned beef on Tuesday.

Last St. Patrick's Day they sold 1,200 pounds, and are gunning for the record.

Kravitz' has been a Youngstown institution since 1939, and is celebrating its 70th anniversary on St. Patty's Day as well.

According to Rose Kravitz, now 93 years old and quality control manager extraordinare, (last month, she advised me not to mail their cookies to England because they don't use preservatives and the freshness would not survive the trip):
“The Northside has always been the melting pot of Youngstown. Our customers are Jewish, African-American, Italian, Irish, Slovak, Greek...You name it,” she proudly boasts. “But here, on St. Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish!”
so besides Tuesday's festivities, Kravitz Deli will have a tent featuring live music, extra large corned beef sandwiches, rubens, northsiders, corned beef and cabbage dinners, and of course, beer.

Kravitz always has free wi-fi.

Kravitz has bits of matzoh in their wedding soup.

Kravitz has been having live local music on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.

Kravitz now has a sandwich named after a blogger, "The Return of Philly the Kidd Defends Youngstown":

Kravitz just fulfilled my hamentashen quota (10 varieties) for the month:

AND did I mention a ton of corned beef?

truly a gem of Youngstown [map]

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Lady Bothernot said...

I grew up on Kravitz's Deli and miss it something awful. They were our up the block neighbors on Selma too. It's great to see that Rose is still "behind the counter" smiling ... I can close my eyes and picture her sweet expression. GOOD LUCK with the quest to sell a ton of corned beef. I would buy at LEAST half a ton myself if I still lived in Youngstown. Best Wishes ... Laura C.