Wednesday, March 11, 2009

whose face should be on our local currency?

The local internet is abuzz with the sounds of developing a local currency as an alternate option to the US dollar and the gold standard.

While these forms of exchangeable community currencies, like "time-dollars" though a local TimeBank are receiving both heightened attention and local usage recently, the plans to produce local paper money have yet to be realized.

Let's play a game.

If this type of hyper-local currency were to be printed, and people were chosen to be on the money, who would be on the Mahoning Valley Moolah?

In the comments section, please leave your thoughts on whose portrait should be on local versions of the one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and hundred YMB? (Youngstown Mega-Bucks)

here's one attempt:

100 YMBs = Volney Rodgers (bio)
50 YMBs = Plimton Ross Berry (bio)
20 YMBs = Joseph Green Butler, Jr. (bio)
10 YMBs = John Hessin Clarke (bio)
5 YMBs = Howard W. Jones (link)
1 YMB = Clarence Seward Darrow (bio)

and Ms. Olga Rudge on the 2. (bio)

Remember, in Volney we trust.


Anonymous said...

Some of the bills should depict the natural beauty of the Youngstown area.

Lou said...

What About Butler or McGuffey? Ed O'Neill?

Gary Packwood said...

It has been many years since I lived in Youngstown but I loved it there and think of the following as potential 'faces' for the local currency.

100 YMBs = The Natural Beauty of our Environment
50 YMBs = Families
20 YMBs = School and Universities
10 YMBs = The Arts
5 YMBs = Our Ethnic Heritage
1 YMB = Our Founders (Images to be purchased by donors)

and ...Our Religious Tolerance... on the 2.

Janko said...

Thanks Gary!!!