Saturday, March 14, 2009

using art to stitch together the university and downtown

This blog first visited the work of Prof. Greg Moring almost two years ago in a tour offered by the Center for Working Class Studies of labor art in the city.

During the tour, attendees learned about Moring's techniques for using bent steel to tell a story.

A photo gallery showing him working on his latest project is now on display at Tod Hall on campus. The Elm Street Gates will be based around Lincoln Avenue and Elm Street, and will weave the story of the past and the future of Youngstown. Check out a news video here:

From YSU's Dept. of Marketing and Communications:
“The two panels on the left represent the hard work, commitment and sacrifice of Youngstown’s past generations that laid the enduring foundation needed for the renewal and transformation of a greater Youngstown through the power of education,” said Moring. Additionally, the large gate’s right hand side symbolizes the promising future that education can provide to students."

"When completed, [mid 2010] the 25–foot wide, 16–foot tall gates, featuring a smaller set of functional, built–in gates, will create a formal entrance to the university."
Another similar project on a smaller scale can be found on Walnut Street in the Smoky Hollow neighborhood. It's on the back entrance to Bliss Hall. Next time you are going for eats or bocce at the MVR, check them out.

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