Friday, April 10, 2009

end of the tunnel is now open

The End of the Tunnel is one of those downtown places not known to most locals.

In fact, even if they have heard of the space, many could not guide you to its subterranean doors in the basement of the City Center One building.

Long known for being a hangout for the after-work crowd and a good place for a quick lunch, the former Martini's had its official grand opening last friday.

here's short video of the vibe inside:

To get to this place, you need to either take the underground tunnels from the parking structure where Cafe Cimmento is located to north of federal street, or you can enter the City Center One building and descend into the basement.

the new logo for the place is very nicely designed.

And some unique photos I've never seen before grace the hallways. Most are black and white shots with a singular color element.

The one above shows an old Schwebel's truck in front of the main train station. The one below shows the Youngstown Sanitary Milk Company.

remember, think "tunnel" and go to the end . . .

. . . and there you'll find the End of the Tunnel.

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