Thursday, April 09, 2009

william leonard's extraordinary gentlemen is now open.

it's exciting to see people following their dreams, especially entrepreneurial ones.

it's also exciting to witness additional investment in downtown youngstown, especially from the private sector.

a great example with a very cool name is the new place on the corner of Phelps and Federal - William Leonard's Extraordinary Gentlemen.

(check out the art deco carvings on the Peggy Ann building)

William Leonard's Extraordinary Gentlemen is an oasis of sorts - a concept catching hold in a few cities across america - as it is a premiere full-service salon and spa exclusively for men.

Proprietor Lisa Reali explained the concept while she was providing a tour of the renovated space:
- you need a haircut at a moderate price, walk right in;
- you need a massage during a stressful week, you make an appointment;
- you want to hang out and watch some sports with your buddies, game on;
- you need a manicure before that job interview, they'll help you out;
- you need some foot care away from all the ladies, this place is for you.

check out the place before the renovations:

and after:

with paintings by downtown resident James Pernotto

check out the original walls in the private pedicure room in the basement

massage table

stylists' stations

shampoo stations

and a video of the interior

lots of investment here!

looks like a place to definitely visit.

Monday thru Friday, 11am to 7pm
Saturday, 10am to 2pm

call for appointments:

for map, click here.


Digidrew said...

Great blog! Great Place! Great Peoples! My hair was happy!

Anonymous said...

...incredible place, like being in NY or LA, (with Youngstown prices) it fits right in with all the other great things happening on West Federal. Lisa and her team are true pro's and a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

great place,very professional staff and very excellent service.