Wednesday, April 29, 2009

youngstown trivia - #1 installment

check out these two photos:

a - where were these photos taken?

b - what is this a picture of?

c - what year was it first installed?


Tyler said...

Clueless. Kinda looks like a mausoleum, though.

George said...

It's on 422 on the Girard/Ytown border just before V&M. If traveling east, it would be on the left. I don't know its history, or what is it unfortunately.

JoLy said...

I would guess something from Idora Park, simply because Idora Park has been a hot topic this past week.

Benjamin said...

something associated with a library? but then the building doesnt look all THAT old but it looks like it has been moved, is it up on some sort of set of jacks?

Katie Libecco said...

Well, it's something pretty in the Valley, so I'm going to say it dates back to the New Deal. It looks like a pool house. I agree that I does look like it's been moved.

Janko said...

You are correct. It is on route 422 between Girard and downtown Youngstown.

It's not associated with Idora Park, however the structure used to be located in the city. (hint)

Getting warmer... it is associated with a library.

It has been moved from its original location, but it is not a pool house.

J.R. said...

In this discussion about 4 cannons on Central Square:
a library building that was also on Central Square was mentioned. Is this that building?

Janko said...

Nice work. You are correct.

However, part c remains.

When was the library placed on Central Square?

and bonus points if you know when it was removed.

JoLy said...

The library opened on Central Square December 8, 1923.
It closed in 1953 when the city asked it to leave.

The Stage said...

do i get bonus points if i know who currently owns it?

Janko said...

@The Stage:
You get three bonus points + one cupcake.