Tuesday, April 21, 2009

is the ytown music scene starting to flex its muscles?

MONDAY UPDATE: two new videos up over the weekend.

GMPD's show on Friday - - -

The Zou's first music video off their latest album - - -

A series of CD releases by local bands both last weekend and the upcoming one is highlighting the diversity and reach of the youngstown music scene.

First up last friday, The Sweet Delights released their album: Sweet Science.
(myspace here for music samples)

While most of the songs have a funk and soul influence, the CD contains a remake of the classic 80s song with the Stan Boney influence - “Hang in There Youngstown.”

and it's this kind of strength
that make our people
stand together and fight
hang in there, Youngstown
you're alright...

Next up on saturday, The Realtime Digimob released their album: The Realtime Digimob vs. The Terror-bites.
(myspace here for music samples)

Held at the Royal Oaks, the electronica music surged as the show included a head shaving to raise donations for cancer research, among other performances.

The Weedhawks jumped all around town, from downtown bars to empty churches along the Ridge.
(myspace here for music samples)

Finally, this Friday downtown will feature the CD release of Dreamscape by Gil Mantera's Party Dream
(myspace here for music samples)

while this is just a sample into what's going on in the span of a week, check out the Jambrain blog for more in-depth information on the region's music. They do a great job of tracking the local music scene, and their calendar excels in covering what's going on every night as well.

Good tunes. Good efforts.

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