Friday, June 12, 2009

24 hours in the city of youngstown

last saturday was a swell day.

the following pictures are from walking around the city, and offers a sample of a summer day in the Yo.

the day started with a Pride Festival in Youngstown downtown along Phelps street. Others' picts here.

Then shifted to the Artists of the Rust Belt festival along the Mahoning River in and around the train station/rust belt brewing company.

I got hungry around this point so took some tostones and mofongo to Mill Creek Park.

Then over to the Butler Art Museum to enjoy the mechanical sculptures:

There is a really interesting reason for the shape and length of all the chimes in this piece, but you'll just have to visit the Butler to know why.

Then over to Wick Park and a historical tour of the structures along its perimeter. The second tour was a lot smaller than the first 120 person tour.

Over to St. Joe's [the provider] for some dinner (classic sign)...

And to the Oakland's fundraiser for eye candy and some dessert.

finally, with night falling on the city, the both the bars and the streets were filled with people.

what will this weekend hold?

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Tyler said...

Great post! This is what it's all about