Monday, June 01, 2009

this is freaky - Fernando de Noronha is the June 1, 2009 page on my "1000 places to go before you die" day calendar

news just in ... an Air France plane carrying 228 lives en route from Brazil to France crashed in the Atlantic Ocean.

from the nytimes story:
"Brazilian officials said the plane disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean between the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, 186 miles northeast of the coastal Brazilian city of Natal..."

And here is today's entry, after tearing off the previous day's page on my 2009 "1000 Places to See Before You Die" desk calendar:

June 1st, 2009
Fernando de Noronha

"... sometimes called the Galapagos of Brazil. It's untroubled waters ensure a pristine ecosystem with year-round visibility of more than 300 feet, making it one of the world's greatest sites for scuba and snorkeling."

more on Fernando de Noronha here. Others have noticed here and here.

condolences to grieving families on both sides of the Atlantic.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that too! I wondered if anyone else would notice.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed too and gave me a bit of a shiver. Jess in Scotland

Hobgoblin said...

I too, noticed this anomaly... freaky to say the least.

Valerie said...

I noticed this as well and posted a photo of the page to my Flickr account! Very eerie!