Thursday, June 11, 2009

two questions on the residency ruling

I thought this little tidbit was interesting regarding the composition of the pubically-elected members of the Ohio Supreme Court in light of today's 5-2 ruling effectively eliminating home rule residency requirements:
"With the election of Justice Robert R. Cupp in November 2006 to replace Democrat Alice Robie Resnick, the Court is currently all Republican."
Maybe because the Republican Party is more aligned with local jurisdictions having self-rule (i.e. abortion should be up to the states to decide, not the federal government), one might think allowing jurisdictions to govern themselves would be their dogmatic choice.

so while I originally thought the Supreme's vote may have fallen on more partisan lines, that's not the case.

anyway, two questions:

1 - Do the cities of Warren, Cleveland, Youngstown and Warren (or any other of the 140 cities impacted by the ruling) have a system in place to track if their employees are taking up residency in other jurisdictions?

2 - what do you think of the unions (for example, the police unions) who politically supported the elimination of the residency requirement?

video here.

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Tyler said...

I had the same misconception about the court's sympathies. I guess it only extends down to the state level and not below that?