Tuesday, June 16, 2009

34 minutes from Westinghouse in cranberry PA to youngstown

Sunday was a beautiful day for the short trip to the Burgh for the Three Rivers Arts Festival and a show at the Pittsburgh Public Theater (more on that later this week).

After reading (and watching) news about the recent opening of the new headquarters of Westinghouse in Cranberry Township and its 3,200 employees, I clocked the drive from the intersection of I-76/I-79 in Beaver County to Youngstown.

How long was the commute?

34 minutes.

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Putting in the address for Westinghouse's previous headquarters in Monroeville, the distance from the old to the new is 32 miles.

Seems like a comparable commute to the drive from Mahoning County.

I mention this because as Beaver County and Pittsburgh's energy industry continues to grow rapidly, Youngstown is looking more and more like a realistic housing option for commuters into Cranberry Township. (did I mention Youngstown has the nation’s most affordable historic districts?)

When you look at the five-county metro area centered in Youngstown, it comes flush against the MSAs of Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Akron, and Canton.

So when thinking about labor opportunities in the mega-region, it's good to think outside of the box.

outside of the five-county box.


Lou said...

from Boardman to Cranberry everyday. There are a lot of people at my site that can't beleive how short it is on the Turnpike...A lot of the Pittsburghers have a longer commute than I do.

(Although, to be fair, I do take 224 to 422 to 79 to get to work...This adds about 20 minutes and ten miles, but saves $4 in tolls)

Benjamin said...

yeah, i was just reading this and thought... though there would surely be less traffic from youngstown > cranberry than monroeville > cranberry, it would cost someone from youngstown $4.75/day more to run that route with both OH/PA turnpike tolls. depending on your earnings and vehicle efficiency that could be debilitating over time.