Friday, September 11, 2009

who's ready for the saturday gauntlet?

Even though it's past Labor Day, this saturday is gearing up as a day one just heads to downtown youngstown in the morning and spends all day and all evening soaking up the city.

What follows is a guide to Saturday, September 12 2009.

- - -

9am - breakfast at Cafe Cimmento or the Golden Dawn

10am to 5pm - commencement of the Grey to Green Festival at Wick Park.

While others have blogged about the event here, here, here, and here, the official website of the Fest can be found here.

schedule of puppet shows, speakers, musicians, tours, farmers markets, movies here.

list of vendors and engagement booths here.

4pm - Youngstown State Football home opener (tailgating beforehand) all tickets $5 to celebrate the first game of the season

8pm - Youngstown Symphony 1st show (pops and musicals) of the upcoming season

all afternoon and into the evening - Pabsolutely Fest at the Royal Oaks with food and music by bands from NYC, Detroit, Pitts, and local faves.

and you can dunk in the tank some Little Steel Derby Girls

1:30am - puerto rican food at Papa's

4:10am - leave the Lemon Grove with some carrot juice


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to see Love Ludmilla at the Oakland.

Defend Youngstown said...

Also: The 7th Ward Citizen's Coalition is conducting their annual "7th Ward Garage Sale" in the former Big Lots parking lot (Midlotian Blvd.) and the Idora Neighborhood Association will be conducting a community project and block party, open to all city residents:

The project tomorrow is a small bollard (short pole) painting project being conducted by a group of neighbors in the Woodford, Volney, Parkview, McFarland area of the neighborhood. The neighbors will be cleaning and painting approximately 40 bollards that line the edge of the Idora Park property on Woodford Avenue. Following the painting project a small block party will be held on McFarland Avenue.

Mike Prelee said...

The YSU game was fun. Great crowd, everyone was friendly and the Hubbard High Scohol band put on a good half time show.