Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the current view from my inner city neighborhood within youngstown ohio

It's wonderful having Mill Creek Park located on the edge of your neighborhood.

A view from Fellow Riverside Gardens overlooking Lake Glacier:

Things are starting to pick up in the Garden District.

An expanded botanical gardens, surrounded by greenspace on three sides, a neighborhood plan, ethnic eats, reasonable commercial and residential space, and most important...GREAT neighbors.

more here.


Arlene Urichich said...

this is a great shot of Autumn in Ytown and I love it. I loved Mill Creek Park especially when I was a kid and The Flats were still there. I can remember ice skating on Lake Glacier and the big bonfire that was always burning so you could warm yourself up. I have been all over and Mill Creek is still my favorite park ever. It is just beautiful this time of year. thanks for the shot.

Loretta said...

A really awesome pictures. O really love it.

Please share it with the bizymoms Middletown community. The moma would love it.