Friday, October 09, 2009

The Economist: "Youngstown . . . A young town again"

Maximizing your profitability as a company, or trying to find the best place to expand your business is a tough task.

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After reading the article from this week's international print edition of The Economist, while it is clear there is much work to do - the value proposition of Youngstown as a place to start or expand a business is coming into sharper focus...

Youngstown has some of the lowest prices for office space and skilled labor costs in the United States; Youngstown is in close proximity to some of the smartest places and largest markets in the world (including Pittsburgh of G20 fame); Youngstown is home to its own clusters of IT and advanced materials companies and research; and, Youngstown now has the political and community leadership who are ready and willing to engage you.

to highlight one component from "Youngstown - A young town again":
"Yet for the first time in years morale in the city seems to have improved. One developer is hard at work converting old downtown high-rises into stylish new apartments. And Federal Plaza, the once abandoned main drag, is now speckled with a few clubs and restaurants. On Friday and Saturday nights, twenty-somethings spill out onto the pavements."
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It's interesting to wonder . . .

Out of all the cities in the world The Economist could profile this week in its pages, why choose Youngstown?

Whatever the reason, realize that as people around the world this week read this article, the story of a rebounding Youngstown with its own special value proposition will be in front of their faces.

And in their minds, the realization of Youngstown as a place of opportunity strengthens.

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Dave Spatholt said...

I want to say everyone's looking to Youngstown now because we can be seen as an example many other places.

I don't know that the "20 somethings spill onto the pavements" is incredibly accurate--it doesn't reflect the diverse group that ends up in the down town area.