Sunday, October 18, 2009

why you might want to vote "no" Issue 3, regardless of your personal politics

Issue 3, the current push to allow casino gambling in state of Ohio, is a poorly designed and unjust effort.

You, the voter, really need to examine the ballot language on Issue 3 to assist your decision.

Upon reading it, I personally became convinced the current casino plan is an unwise path for our state to follow.

Please vote "no" on Issue 3.

I'll argue in the space below - regardless of your political persuasion - Issue 3 is something that may conflict with your virtues.

- - -

As an economic development professional, I contend Issue 3 is not economic development.

In the field, the present casino proposal is what is known as "bad money" in a local economy.

Please click here to read an old post about concept of "good, bad, and neutral" money.

one regularly-heard beef is that the current design unfairly shifts and redistributes money throughout Ohio, and will exacerbate hardships for many communities and individuals.

but here are some other concerns may more align with your sensibilities:

If your preferences are more Libertarian, Issue 3 stifles competition and creates a monopoly for a handful of entities. How is creating a monopoly in this case in Ohio's long-term best interests?

If Republican - for Issue 3 to take shape, Ohio voters are asked to change the state constitution. Not state law, but the constitution. How is an act like altering the constitution in Ohio's long-term best interests?

If Democrat - Issue 3 if passed will shift billions of dollars from people to the hands of a few. How is massive wealth distribution to make rich people even richer in Ohio's long-term best interests?

If an independent Mahoning Valley resident - Issue 3 if passed gives the shaft to the people of Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana counties. Construction jobs go to places like Cincinnati and Columbus. It ignores the rest of the state. How is building casinos in already more prosperous portions of the state in Ohio's long-term best interests?

Nearby casinos aren't doing well either.

Pittburgh's new casino is performing poorly, already not able to make its payments. Detroit's Greektown casino has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The former Cleveland mayor and retiring Senator George Voinovich has brought up other interesting points recently, including already formed sweetheart deals, low returns to the state, and marginal new job creation.

Little gain for a lot of pain.

After reading the ballot language, please join me in voting no on Issue 3.


'Techie' Jim said...

Even though I already made up my mind before I read this, I agree with you and will be voting NO on Issue 3!

Christopher Barzak said...

Great post. Think you could put together a post that is informative about all of the issues and offices on the ballot coming up?

elecpenciljim said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for breaking it down for those of any party.