Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the beautiful words of Ed Galaida on Youngstown's Mill Creek Park

Don't you love the smell of really really old books?

The Shout Youngstown blog has acquired a very significant old tome, that being an original printing of Edward Galaida's "Mill Creek Park" from 1941.

on page one of this great historical text, one can find the introductory paragraph from the book's forward.

They are some of the most striking words I've read in print, and the SY blog would like to share them with you.

(editor's note: the original words are in paragraph form, but for spacing purposed have been rearranged below.)

From the placid times of the nomad Indians
to the present age,
Mill Creek Park and its flanking acres
have unendingly offered solace to understanding spirits.

Sounds in the waters,
in the underbrush,
overhead in the firry hemlocks and the shady hardwoods,
frightened silences;

colors of the rising and setting sun;

kaleidoscopic changes from season to season;

smells sweet, strange, exotic, heavy, and delicate;

currents of moving air
that arouse moods and stir deep inexplicable sensations--

these make up, to many nature lovers,
the whole significance of Mill Creek Park.

more pictures here, from Hyland Digital Images.

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Katie Libecco said...

Any mention of the caves that used be open to the public? I think they were called Wiches' Caves, among other titles...