Monday, November 09, 2009

shoutyoungstown is now on twitter

have finally made the jump into Twitter for the first time.

access feed here.

- - -

hopefully the SY blog will be used for more in-depth coverage, and the twitter stuff can be used to pass on fun bits.

for example, this video was posted today on YouTube:

a commercial for an establishment "in the new youngstown"

3 new videos total can be seen on their channel.

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'Techie' Jim said...

I finally tried Rosetta Stone a few weeks ago for lunch. I must say I am mixed on review. I ordered the downtown greens as an appetizer and it was some of the best greens my uncle or I had ever had. Unfortunately, the Reuben I ordered was overcooked... it was tougher than rubber! The prices were a tad high for my budget but not unreasonable. It seemed like a nice place, but not sure if I will be back. Guess I need to try a few other places (like the new Lemon Grove).