Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the business-journal launches "daily buzz" video feature

Kudos to the folks at the Business-Journal, as they continue to build value around their news-reporting prowess.

Earlier today, visitors to their website were able to view the premiere episode of Daily Buzz, which may become a welcome addition to your own daily media consumption.

You can watch the premiere in a stand-alone webpage here, just in case the tomorrow's edition is displayed on their homepage before you read this post.

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The Business-Journal seems to be spreading its wings of late, incorporating alternative methods for sharing the news they collect with the region and beyond.

For example, the paper is identified as the local content provider for the new mega-regional NEOtropolis show on pbs.

Add to that their recent three-minute local interviews, and now this daily news and business review, and you have top-shelf hyper-local journalism. (as opposed to stuffing a publication with too many canned AP stories)

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If it seems like this blog is heaping praise today, it's because The Business-Journal deserves it.

This blog has never received payment or gifts for writing on a subject or pushing an event (we've been offered on occasion), nor will the SY blog ever do any form of advertising.

This whole blog thing is a four-year experiment in sharing stories, raising awareness, and unintentionally building trust with an audience.

So when recalling the 4th of the 10 Rules of Living of someone I never had the chance to meet face-to-face, we need to give credit where credit is due:

The Business-Journal
delivers outstanding journalistic content every day with high value - and it is a joy to absorb their content, both as an in-print subscriber and an online viewer.

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Mark said...

I am extremely impressed at the investment and the time that the Business Journal has tied up in there latest effort. I think the e-mail blasts are a great thing and the first thing that I look at each morning. They're actually putting the Vindicator to shame, and some serious competition for the local video media.